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Optimize Power, Cooling, and Space

An international insurance company utilized Asset Point to optimize the power, space & cooling in a new 50,000 sq. ft. data center they were constructing. They… More More

Asset Point in the Data Center

According to Gartner, data center infrastructure management (DCIM) tools and processes will be mainstream in IT management by 2014 — but enterprises seeking to implement these solutions will face three critical challenges:

  • •  Creating a baseline inventory is a time-consuming, manual process
  • •  Maintaining an accuracy is difficult in the face of constant change
  • •  Developing useful analytics requires customer participation
  • Asset Point is a comprehensive solution for data center infrastructure management. Asset Point visualizes, models, plans and tracks all data center equipment with an understanding of the surrounding environment. The Asset Point device library includes thousands of devices with a built-in understanding of how these devices are configured, how much they weigh, how much cooling is required, port/connection capability, how much power is required as well as redundancies and dependencies. This allows planners to have a full "virtual" visual model of the data center prior to making any changes; allowing them to understand how changes affect reliability, business continuity and capacity available to support new equipment. Further, Asset Point for DCIM is an integrated component into the IT ecosystem, providing bi-directional data to existing systems, assuring the information may be shared with 3rd-party applications like service desk, directory and a CMDB.

    Since 2000, Asset Point has relocated & optimized over 550 data centers, encompassing nearly 1,000,000 square feet, 52,000 cabinets holding more than 650,000 assets.

    1. •  Capacity trending power, cooling, space, network
    2. •  Data Center optimization
    3. •  Equipment changes - risks - redundancies
    4. •  Impacts of virtualization
    5. •  Financial impacts
    6. •  Modeled cost /duration of new server change
    7. •  Modeled cost/benefits of virtualization
    8. •  Modeled data center end-of-life


    Bar Code Scanning/Data Loading

    Identify, record and track your inventory with accuracy and consistency.


    Data Center Management

    Mitigate risks from power, cooling, space and connectivity challenges.


    Visualization & Documentation

    Create quick visual displays of your facility's information.


    Business Continuity Planning

    Define your resilient and scalable contingency plan.


    Server Migration

    Gather, track and publish real-time data on the technology being impacted.

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