Server Moves & Migration Services

Gather, track and publish real-time data on the technology being impacted.

Process Point

According to Gartner, 94% of IT departments are either considering or undertaking a server migration program. They point to these initiatives as one of the most effective ways to lower operational costs in a company's data center - and estimate that businesses can save up to 23% in annual costs with a properly executed program. In the last 36 months, we have successfully migrated over 10,000 servers using our proven process. From hundreds of migrations to thousands of relocations, our proven process can help your organization successfully complete a server migration program.

We provide Server Migration Solutions that address both business and technology requirements for your organization. Our proven process combined with years of experience in managing complex migration projects means you get a seamless transition and a better understanding of your technology environment.

Service Overview

Single Point of Contact

Migrating even one server requires an extensive set of dependencies to be identified and addressed: business owners, applications, configurations, firewall rules, space and power, etc. To manage this, we establish a central information repository during the audit phase of the project.

Using our Server Migration Software Tool, we gather and publish real-time data on the technology being impacted. It's critical that every stakeholder can see the progress of each piece of equipment, where it stands in the project cycle and what remains to be addressed for a successful migration.